Quality Assurance, including testing

It's extremely difficult to retrofit quality; you have to plan for it.

If you don't identify and resolve QA issues early, it's like kicking a can down the road ... a can that becomes more battered and harder to straighten out as the program moves forward.

Failing to think through the requirements of QA and testing, in fact, can result in developing top notch technical solutions that don't integrate well as an overall solution ... worse, some companies only discover key issues after they've already gone live.

To avoid this pitfall, Inflective Professional Services:

  • Incorporates QA and testing into each program milestone where quality is likely to pose a risk to the business. When issues are discovered, their solutions are devised or appropriate mitigations are put in place.
  • Does not view quality evaluators as quality fixers. The responsibility of QA is to verify that a process was completed within specified guidelines and that it works as planned. It's the responsibility of stakeholders to ensure the success of each phase.

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