Program Management Office (PMO) services

Inflective Professional Services can work with your company to set up a Program Governance structure. This determines:

  • How the program will be organized
  • The roles of each organizational unit
  • The role of the steering committee
  • The role of program sponsors
  • What the decision-making empowerment structure is
  • How decisions will be communicated and to whom
  • What the escalation procedure will be
  • How traceability, transparency, and auditability of decisions will be tracked
  • What reporting requirements will be met to track costs, resources, and revenue recognition
  • How documentation of deliverables will be handled ( not document control, but rather a big picture documentation process that accurately communicates to stakeholders where the project is)

We also provide these services:

  • Project planning
  • Project leadership
  • Program implementation strategy
  • An auditable change-control methodology
  • Systems Integrator and/or other third-party management
  • Stakeholder engagement and management
  • Training for stakeholders in your program's communications, transparency and empowerment protocols, as well as the Assert method
  • Expectation management and communication
  • Quality Assurance and testing planning
  • Negotiation

> For ERP and other transformation programs that have already begun, we provide Program Diagnostic Services