Program Diagnostic Services

Any company in the midst of an ERP or other transformation program that needs an accurate assessment of where their program stands can benefit from our Program Diagnostic Service.

Using Assertions developed specifically for assessing the likelihood of program success, we can identify:

  • How aligned stakeholders’ expectations are
  • How well the potential risks to your business have been identified, truly understood and mitigated
  • How well stakeholders understand what is required of them, what they are empowered to do, and what they will be required to sign off on
  • How well third parties have been aligned to the needs of the company
  • Whether there are lingering issues that need to be addressed
  • Whether over- or under-diligence is sabotaging success or resources
  • Whether quality and integration have been adequately addressed
  • Whether program information is accessible and understandable by the people with move-to-the-next-milestone and go-live authority
  • Whether you have an achievable timeline and budget
  • The state of readiness of your solutions, data, workforce, customer service, customers, suppliers, and more

What happens during a diagnostic:

We interview stakeholders to gain an objective view of the status of your program with respect to the items listed above. We can do this in a visible way or an unobtrusive way. This process produces an assessment for each program area (e.g., data readiness, workforce readiness, integration readiness, etc.) and recommendations for moving forward.

> A lack of Diligent Decision Making is one reason we're called in to perform program diagnostics -- find out more here

> A lack of a clear, auditable decision making framework is another reason we're called in to perform program diagnostics -- find out more about Assert here