Inflective Professional Services: Why we're different

Why we're different

We help lead complex ERP transformation programs by working side-by-side with your leadership to uncover opportunities, minimize surprises, ensure stakeholder accountability, increase stakeholder participation, accurately assess your progress, keep your program moving forward, and significantly reduce your business risk as your Oracle or SAP technology solution is implemented.

Risk, opportunity, and navigating the gray areas

ERP and other large transformation projects are risky. They're expensive, they require extensive manpower, they generally require outside experts, and they can have a significant impact on the health of your company ... positive or negative.

That's why we're focused on where the greatest opportunities and risks for your business are -- and since risk is inherent within any program that has the potential to deliver meaningful gains, we seek to manage those risks. Fortunately, our methods help uncover opportunities as well as risk.

Because we believe in clear definition (of expectations, scope, blocking issues, roles, responsibilities and more), we navigate the gray areas of your program until the known emerges from the unknown, the predictable replaces the unpredictable, and the likelihood of reward replaces the specter of risk.

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